[october 2015]

happy november everybody!

It is pretty wild how fast this year has gone. On 10/4 we celebrated six months of marriage! We went back to Weston Gardens (where we got married) to "celebrate" and remember the day - it looked so different with the leaves starting to fall and change color, and there were pumpkins everywhere from a wedding somebody had the night before!

We also took an AMAZING trip to North Carolina to celebrate Ryan's brother's wedding! Gary and Catherine (new sister-in-law!) tied the knot on the 17th and it was such a beautiful wedding and a very fun reception. We had a blast with our family that was there as well as getting to know some of Catherine's family and friends better. Here is a picture that Ryan took of the "send-off" before they headed to the D.R. for their honeymoon!  Congrats Catherine & Gary!

We flew out to NC the week before the wedding for a little vacation & birthday celebration. We got to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway, visit Great Smoky Mountain National Park (our fifth national park together), and explore Asheville and the surrounding areas. We think we were there at the PERFECT time, because the leaves were reaching their peak fall colors and everywhere we looked was a breathtaking view! Our favorite parts were Graveyard Fields & Falls (where we saw the most color), Lake Janaluska (which was most relaxing), and our awesome AirBnB (where we got to sleep!!). Here are some photos of our trip. You can view a few more here.

As you can see, it was absolutely beautiful! 

5 Things We Liked This Month (besides going on vacation...) :

1) Goals List - We both struggle with saying/thinking we should do something and then we run out of time, forget, or just don't have the discipline to actually do them. I'm sure we are the only ones who deal with that... But this month, we decided we were actually going to do what we said! So we went back to what worked as kids and made a goals list. Each of us thought of 5 things that we wanted/needed to do during each week (like exercise, stick to a meal plan, write thank you notes, etc.) and we wrote them down, along with a "challenge" that we got to think of for each other to do. And yes, after you do them you get to put a sticker next to the goal. If you get all of your goals for the week, you get a "reward" and if you get all of your weekly rewards, you get something awesome at the end of the month.  We haven't made it a whole month yet, but Brit is currently enjoying a DOUBLE SCOOP of ice cream for her weekly reward! Cheesy? Yes. But effective? So far!

2) Documentaries - We've watched (and recommended) lots of things on TV/Netflix/Hulu. But these were amazing! "Honor Flight" - a truly heartwarming (and tearjerking) story about WWII veterans who are given the opportunity to travel to D.C. to visit the WWII memorial for free, and the impact that has on their lives; "The Imposter" - an absolutely bizarre story about an... imposter that we couldn't believe was actually true; "SOMM" - a documentary following several guys who are preparing to take the master sommelier exam, which we knew absolutely nothing about. They are all on Netflix!

3) Biscuit Head - We tried lots of new restaurants on vacation, but probably the most memorable was Biscuit Head. The name really says it all - biscuits the size of your head. A nap is mandatory.

4) 7-min Workout - After eating at a place called Biscuit Head (and just in general), we've been trying to find more ways to be active and healthier. One resource that we've been using is 7-min.com. It is a really good (and quick) workout that exercises your arms, chest, and legs and mixes in some cardio as well. While we try to do more than just that, it is an easy way to get a quick workout in if you have a busy day or the weather is bad. Seven minutes may not be that long, but it is more than zero minutes!

5) Carpoolin' - Due to a flat tire/car trouble, we were down to one car for a week. It really wasn't a huge deal and we actually enjoyed it while it lasted. Lots of laughs, hitting Adele high notes, and sports talk radio :) The verdict is we think we COULD go down to one car... but we aren't.