April 2015 was the biggest month of our lives. We planned a rehearsal dinner and a wedding, had a rehearsal dinner and a wedding, went on a honeymoon, moved into an apartment, got sick, started house hunting, reconnected with old friends, celebrated Ryan's brother getting engaged, and wrote LOTS of thank you notes.

So how do we tell you all about it? Easy. Here is April 2015 according to each of us, in 200-ish words a piece:

April 2015 according to BG - 

April has always been one of my favorite months – the weather, the flowers, the “it’s almost summer” feeling in the air – it’s a great month! It started off with a beautiful rehearsal dinner under the stars, playing darts and a giant version of bananagrams with our closest friends and family. We were blessed with the most beautiful day all year to be our wedding day — complete with a lunar eclipse! We had so much fun at our wedding and it couldn’t have been more perfect. We got to spend an entire week in Maui, and had a great time relaxing, exploring, and playing in waterfalls together. Upon coming home, we were so thrilled to have NOTHING planned! What a nice treat after three months of wedding planning. We were able to settle in to our apartment and spend time enjoying our new home together. I have loved getting to know and love Ryan even more and I could not be more happy with or sure of our decision to get married. We have enjoyed weekly date nights and not having to say goodbye. April has been so wonderful, but I have a feeling May might be even better!  

April 2015 according to RG - 

I'm glad we have pictures because I still can't believe it all happened! Seeing my bride for the first time on our wedding day goes down as the all-time greatest feeling. Indescribable. Our wedding was a giant celebration of love, friendship and community. We were blessed with an amazing day - to us, it was perfect.

Hawaii was crazy. No doubt, one of the most beautiful places on earth. So much exploring, eating, and relaxing packed into one week. My favorite memories are watching the surfers and talking about family goals while watching the sun go down with Brit - as well as getting to swim with sea turtles. And we got to check another national park off our list!

My apartment shrunk in half!!! Brit moving in has been great though. Although my apartment is a temporary living situation for us, it has been fun to get all of our stuff in one place and challenge ourselves to get rid of the "junk" that just takes up space. She is the best looking and best smelling roommate I've had (no offense to previous roommates).

The wedding and honeymoon were absolutely incredible, but the few weeks we've had back to "normal" have been great too. Praying with each other each morning and night has been one of the most rewarding things!

In summary, April 2015 rocked our worlds. There may be another post at some point with more details about our engagement, wedding, or honeymoon - who knows!

We are so thankful for our family and friends that experienced with us and to the many more that weren't able to. Being the Guad Squad has been a blast so far, but the adventure is just beginning.