restoration [may 2015].

As everybody probably knows, it has been raining pretty much every day this month. Although I think we'd probably both choose to be outside more if we could, it has been nice to spend a little bit more time than usual inside relaxing and letting our bodies catch back up from a busy few months.

So even though we'd like to share a list of all of the outdoor adventures and weekend excursions that we went on in our first full month of marriage, the truth is there are none to talk about. Instead, we completed four different puzzles this month - we dominate the 750 piece ones. We are re-watching "The Office" and are embarrassingly close to finishing the entire series. Most of our date nights were spent inside cooking and duck-and-covering while tornado sirens were going off, although we did go out to eat a few times and were interviewed by our favorite radio show!

5 Things We Liked This Month:

1) PODCASTS! Most of the time while we are driving, cooking, working out, sitting on our balcony, (and sometimes even when we are working), we are listening to podcasts. We have absolutely loved hearing new stories, learning new facts, and talking about them with each other. We don't have tv/cable (read: we're cheap), so podcasts have taken its place. And they are free! You should check some of our favorites out. RG's favorites: Radio Lab, Ask Me Another, & How To Do Everything. BG's favorites: Planet Money, Pop Culture Happy HourWait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, and guilty pleasure... Gilmore Guys (don't judge). If you are looking for something fun to do, we think How To Do Everything, Planet Money, and Ask Me Another are the best ones to start with.

2) Coupons and Free Food. This one is obvious. But Ryan scored some buy-one/get-one Schlotzsky's coupons from work and we have taken full advantage of them. Mix those in with a free family lunch on Memorial Day that came with take-home burgers and we probably saved close to $50 this month on some TASTY food.

3) Our church (Connect Church in Arlington) has been doing a series called "Fixer Upper", named after the TV show. Sometimes churches try a little too hard to make sermon names culturally relevant, we know... But this has been awesome. A few months ago, our pastor invited our church to email him the stories of certain events in our lives that have been sinful, sad, unfair, or broken and tell how through God's grace, he has restored us. Our pastor chose a few stories to highlight and some EXTREMELY courageous men and women have gotten up and shared their stories each week. We have been blown away by some of the heartbreaking things that have gone on in our church body without us knowing about it. But it has been so overwhelmingly encouraging to us to know that our pastor and our church body is one that embraces those difficult times, is honest about them, and works alongside one another as we pursue Jesus. The stories of addiction, abuse, doubt, anger, and stubbornness are no different than our own personal stories. We are proud to be going to a church that doesn't condone the sin, but encourages people to bring those struggles out of the darkness, learn from one another, and pursue the Lord as the body of Christ.

4) Playing with Play-Doh again. If you haven't seen the new video, click here.

5) Planning a vacation! We are going to be going to North Carolina for Ryan's brother's wedding in October, but we've decided to go out there a week early. We are for sure going to be spending some time at Great Smoky Mountain National Park, but are open to other ideas as well. If you've done anything super fun in North Carolina, Tennessee, or maybe even South Carolina, let us know!

Thanks for reading!

The Guad Squad