This marriage thing is fun! We've been taking full advantage of the long summer days to enjoy the outdoors, spend time with friends, and eat some tasty food.

One of the highlights of this month was going to Dirk Nowitzki's Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game. We saw Dez Bryant do a standing backflip after catching a fly ball, Tyron Smith (315 lbs) hit a triple, Steve Nash play second base like an All-Star, and found out that Ryan Cabrera doesn't have as spiky of hair as we once remembered. It was pretty neat to see all of the celebrities on one field play a game that very few were any good at. To top it all off, we got Dirk and Tyson Chandler's autograph on our 2011 Championship hat. *Dez photo below courtesy of DMN :)*


5 Things We Liked This Month:

1) Homemade Pizza Night - For a summer treat, we made homemade pizza on the grill using this Pinterest recipe. It was really fun and the pizza turned out great! Ryan loaded his with pepperoni and Brit chose a... healthier option.


2) "Don't Put Anything In The Sink Month" - Oh yeah. This is exactly what it sounds like. For the entire month of June, nothing was allowed to be put in the kitchen sink. Neither one of us are super messy people, but in a small apartment, even a few things in the sink make the entire place seem dirty. So aside from a few "strikes" (but who is counting) and one mystery cup, we kept the kitchen sink and dishes super clean and tidy! It worked so well, we might be extending the holiday into July.


3) Date Night at the Batting Cages - After being motivated by Dirk's baseball game, we took our Tuesday date night to the cages for a little batting practice. With expectations set very low, we were able to shake off the rust and connect on a few. It was super fun to do something we probably wouldn't do on our own (especially BG) and get out of our comfort zone a little bit. We are planning a trip to the driving range soon!


4) Two Documentaries on Netflix - BlackFish and Jim Gaffigan's Mr. Universe. Two VERY different documentaries. Both entertaining and worth a watch if you have a spare hour or so. We had both heard of Blackfish for a while, we just never got around to watching it. We won't spoil it, but let's just say you'll hate SeaWorld after watching it. Mr. Universe on the other hand is full of laughs. We both love comedians, but just wish they were a little less vulgar. This one is relatively clean and very, very funny. He has a Subway rant that had us rolling.


5) Watching our wedding video over and over - If you didn't get a chance to watch it, you can do so here! We'd like to thank Nate Kantor (and his new bride Megan) for all the work on it.