[september 2015]

Thinking back through this month, it may not have been one of our most exciting months, but we did have a few highlights!

We celebrated Ryan's birthday this month. We went out to eat and opened a few presents together on his actual birthday and then celebrated the following weekend with his parents. We went to the Bishop Arts District and had a great time eating and walking through the shops. While we were there, we took a photo in the same spot we had taken a photo two years ago. The top is 2 months into dating and the bottom is nearly 6 months into marriage (next month)!

The birthday celebration continued as we drove down to Waco to watch the Bears beat Rice 70-17. It was Brit's first time to go to a Baylor game and we had a great time walking around campus and enjoying some of our favorite Waco spots. Thanks of our friends Sean and Julia for the tickets!

We are looking forward to October as it will be filled with Brit's (and other family member's) birthdays, VACATION, Ryan's brother's wedding, and (hopefully) some cooler weather!

5 Things We Liked This Month:

1) Lake Nights - The weather (while a little hot) has been very nice this month and we've enjoyed being able to spend some time at the lake after work.

2) 30 for 30 Shorts - One of our favorite activities is to watch ESPN's 30 for 30 documentaries. Most of them are on Netflix and we also have the DVDs. However, there are also lots of 30 for 30 Shorts online that are usually about 10-20 minutes. Neither of us had seen many of the shorts and we have enjoyed catching up on them this month. Some of our favorites include: First Pitch, Brave In The Attempt, and The Great Imposter.

3) Hey Donna - We have watched this youtube video quite a bit and Ryan has taken it upon himself to come up with similar puns whenever the opportunity arises!

4) Super Blood Moon Eclipse - Sunday night ended up being a great night to watch the eclipse. We attempted to take some photos and time-lapses but none of them turned out quite as well as it looked in person.

5) Watching The 'Gers - The 'gers, or The Texas Rangers, have had quite an unbelievable month. We (mostly Ryan) have been watching with both excitement and nervousness as they near the end of the season and hope for a playoff spot!