[december 2015]

Better late than never! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We have officially completed our first set of married holidays. We had a wonderful (and busy) time celebrating with both of our families this year. This month marked 8 months of marriage for us, and one year since our engagement. It's hard to believe a year has already flown by!

We mainly spent this month close to home, but did manage to escape for a weekend to Salado for a marriage retreat!  It was lots of fun, helpful, and relaxing!

Ryan spent lots of time practicing letterpress and Brit spent many evenings hard at work at "Santa's Workshop" (a.k.a. our apartment) making homemade gifts for our family and friends.  She sewed an awesome quilt & several clutch bags and also painted ornaments, jewelry boxes, and wooden stumps for gifts.  Thanks to our friends that also bought something!  It's not too early to place an order for next Christmas! Here is a video of some of the things Brit made:


5 Things We Liked This Month:

1) Gilmore Guys: LIVE - If you remember from a few months ago, we've really enjoyed listening to podcasts! One of Brit's favorite podcasts is Gilmore Guys - which in a nutshell is two guys who talk about one of Brit's favorite shows, Gilmore Girls. They were excellent entertainers, even for someone who has never seen an episode of Gilmore Girls (not to name any names...) - and Brit really enjoyed watching something that she has spent so much time listening to! We even got to meet the guys:

2) Gift Exchanges - Both sides of our extended families did gift exchanges this year to make gift giving easy! Each exchange has a price limit and some sort of theme. Brit's side did unique kitchen items and Ryan's mom's side did "Things that start with the letter B" while his dad's side did "Things that start with the letter M". We gave a scone pan and owl kitchen timer, jumbo Bananagrams, a Bath set with fun soaps and a Bath pillow, a Makeup bag and brushes, and a funny Muffin baking kit that you can see below. It's always fun to see the creative gifts and this year's funniest gift was in the B exchange to which our cousin-in-law brought a Bidet!!

3) Games - one of the gifts we received in the B gift exchange was a Board game called Smart A$$. It's a fun trivia game that isn't inappropriate except for the title! We also got a few games as gifts from Brit's cousin - Set and Man Bites Dog. We have been playing all three of those games quite a bit. So far Brit has won at Set more times, but we've got all of 2016 for Ryan to catch up and dominate.

4) The Gospel According to Mac - This is one of ESPN's newest 30 for 30s. We watched it on Christmas eve after getting home from the Christmas Eve service at our church. It was a great portrayal of how both God and sports have affected Bill McCartney, the former head coach at the University of Colorado, and the ups and downs that have come along in his life.

5) COOKIES GALORE! - Our friend, Natalie, has a family tradition of baking cookies - but that description doesn't quite do it justice. For the past 41 years, they have been adding a new recipe each year, mastering the previous years' creations, and then sharing them with family and friends. This year, we were given a "sample" plate - which consisted of probably 30-or-so of the 41 types of cookies.  It was delicious. Who else wants to adopt this family tradition?

The Guad Squad