[january 2016]

2016! It's hard to believe how fast 2015 went by but we are looking forward to lots of things this year, including being married for 1 year!

5 Things we liked this month

1. The Goldbergs - this show has been on for a while, but we had never seen it. However, they recently put all of the episodes on Hulu, so we started watching and we are hooked! The show creator made lots of home movies in the 80's and each episode is based off of a funny family story of his. They even show a little home movie clip at the end and we love seeing the real characters. You can watch it on Hulu Plus here.

2. Psych - this a fun new game we recently learned about! It's an app on your phone so you can play with friends even when they aren't with you. The game gives everyone a fill in the blank question from different categories. Everyone submits what they think the answer is. It then compiles everyone's answer plus the real answer into an anonymous list and everyone tries to guess what the the real answer is. So the goal is to "psych" everyone and try to get them to guess your answer instead of the real one! It's really funny to see what everyone comes up with!

3. Being Creative - we have both been trying to not only be more creative, but also document it by taking one photo a week of something we are working on. Ryan has been making some wonderful left press prints while Brit has been using up her fabric stash and making quilts! Here are each of our photos from this month:

4. Surprisingly Awesome - this is a (newer) podcast we have been listening to. They take a simple, "boring" topic like cement or broccoli and explain all kinds of interesting, "surprisingly, awesome" information about it! You can listen to their podcasts here.

5. Financial Peace University - We've been going through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace course at church and it has been a great!  We recommend it to anybody and everybody!  The class is great, but there are also plenty of articles and videos online to check out as well.