catching up [february - july 2016]

Well it seems we have fallen quite a bit behind here. We have had lots of exciting moments over the last few months, so I'll hit the highlights.

In February we went to our first Mavs game together and continued our "curse" of having our favorite teams lose when we go to a game together. The Mavs had the largest deficit in franchise history going into half-time, but we still had a lot of fun!

March - I'm sure something very important happened in March, but to be honest I don't remember anything. And if you're reading this and you did something special for us in March, or we celebrated something big, I apologize!

April - Our 1st Anniversary!! We loved being able to celebrate our first year of marriage. The 1st anniversary is the "paper" anniversary, so we decided to make some homemade paper. Ryan made a short instagram video that you can watch here. And then we spent the weekend in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We visited the national park, toured the historic bath houses, and then spent time at a fantastic lake house AirBnb in Hot Springs Village. They took us out on their boat and let us use their kayak. We had a really great time reminiscing on our first year of marriage and talking through some of our goals for year 2. We also got to see all of the beautiful tulips at Garvin Gardens!

May - In May we visited one of our favorite vacation spots, Pawley's Island, South Carolina. Ryan's uncle lives there and we had a great time relaxing on the beach and getting to visit with his family. We got to eat at our favorite restaurant, Franks., and found a new local favorite, BisQit! We finished up our Carolina trip by driving up North and celebrating Gary's graduation from UNC Chapel Hill. He has worked very hard the past 8 years to earn his PhD and it was a nice time celebrating with family.

June - Brit got a job! She has been working hard on finding a teaching job and it was a huge blessing to get a job at a great elementary school so early in the summer! She will be teaching 1-6 grade art starting next fall. We also spent the month of June going to several weddings and celebrating Ryan's cousin Wesley earning his Eagle Scout. Ryan did the videography for one of the weddings and Brit made bow ties for another one.

July - Finally all caught up! We had such a great time on the kayak in Arkansas, that we decided to buy one ourselves! It was something we had been wanting to get for a long time and was a "reward" for us achieving some of the personal goals we had set. We had fun celebrating July 4th with Ryan's family and then going out on the lake! We also had Ryan's family reunion this month. It was fun spending time with family, and... a baby kangaroo! Another fun thing we decided to do this mont was take a pottery class! It was a first for both of us to use a potters wheel and we made 2 pots each in our class. Then we came back a few weeks later and glazed them. It was so fun to learn a new skill and we will definitely be back for more lessons! You can see some videos that Ryan made of the process here and here.